Top Colorful African Waist Beads to Buy in 2022

Some women wear waist beads to follow tradition, while others wear waist beads for fashion purposes. Irrespective of your purpose, you need to buy the best waist beads for yourself to use them comfortably and fulfill your purpose.

The waist beads provide many benefits and they also appear great on women’s body. You can wear a set of African waist beads or multiple waist beads to look more attractive. You can also get multiple sets of waist beads to wear them individually with their matching outfits.

Top 10 African Waist Beads for Women

African Waist Beads for Women Reviews

In order to find high quality waist beads for yourself, you need to check all waist beads available in market which can take so much time. Here I provide the top 10 best waist beads reviews with pros and cons to help you find a suitable set of waist beads for yourself.

#1. Althrorry Waist Beads Body Jewelry

Althrorry Waist Beads Body Jewelry is one of the best waist beads for women. It contains two sets of waist beads with coffee, golden and white color beads. The beads are made of shiny glass which make the waist beads attractive enough to catch everyone’s eyes when you wear them at a wedding or any other occasion.

The Althrorry Belly Beads are available with various color options. You can choose your desired color-combination from turquoise, yellow, black, coffee, pearl and muti red. The length of each set of waist beads is 32.28-inch i.e. 82cm, so it can fit on most women’s waist.

The Althrorry African Waist Beads are designed for multipurpose uses. The elastic cord makes these waist beads stretchable so that they don’t break when you bend or do intense activities. You can also make bracelets, anklets and a necklace to wear them on your wrists, ankles and neck as a fashion jewelry.

What Is Good:

  • 32.28-Inch Length Fit Well on Most Women’s Waist
  • Suitable to Use as Waist Beads, Necklace, Bracelet and Anklet
  • Different and Unique Colors/Designs Give You a Charming Look
  • Glass Beads Shine to Attract Everyone’s Attention

What Is Not Good:

  • May Not Fit on Plus Size Women
  • Users Complain that It is Not So Sturdy

#2. Tuishei African Waist Beads Body Chain

Tuishei African Waist Beads Body Chain is a set of 8 African belly beads for women. It is available in four different designs/patterns called Style 1, Style 2, Style 3 and Style 7, you can choose to buy these belly chains in your desired style. The high quality and bright glass seed beads create a charming look at beach parties, weddings and other occasions.

The Tuishei Summer Jewelry Belly Beads are 100% handmade to assure high quality and durability. The elastic thread is sturdy enough to hold all the beads properly and stay comfortably on your waist. It comes with 80cm i.e. 31.5-inch length with stretchable design to fit well on women with the waistline up to 90cm i.e. 35.43-inch.

The Tuishei African Belly Beads are suitable to wear under the clothes and over the clothes. You can wear this body chain with your favorite biking when going to a beach and also wear with your top & trousers when going to a birthday party. The manufacturer provides one month warranty on these waist beads, you can submit your query to get a replacement/refund in 3 months.

What Is Good:

  • 80cm Stretchable Elastic Fit on Women’s Waist from 60cm to 90cm
  • Bright, Colorful Glass Beads Make You Look More Attractive
  • Suitable to Use as Waist Beads, Necklace, Bracelet and Anklet
  • Offer Replacement/Refund for Damage Issues within 3 Months
  • 100% Handmade Waist Beads with High Quality Glass Seed Beads

What Is Not Good:

  • Not Suitable for Women with 36-Inch or Larger Waistline
  • People Claim that Its Thread Can Break Anytime

#3. ELABEST African Waist Beads

ELABEST African Waist Beads are a handmade waist jewelry for women and girls. It comes in a set of 7 sets of waist beads with some having all beads in same color and some having different color beads in a set. It doesn’t offer design/pattern options but has many bright colors to be your favorite African belly beads to wear everyday.

The ELABEST Waist Beads contain high quality glass beads with an elastic cord. The stretchable design makes them the best waist beads for women with waistline between 80cm (31.5-inch) and 100cm (39.37-inch). In case your waist size is below 31.5-inch then you need to cut the waist beads to adjust them with your size.

The ELABEST African Waist Beads are suitable to wear at beaches, parties, weddings, night out with friends and other occasions. You can wear them as waist beads and also make a necklace, anklet or bracelet to add some unique stuff in your fashion jewelry collection.

What Is Good:

  • High Quality Glass Beads and Elastic Cord Offer Durable Use
  • Stretchable Cord Allow to Fit on Women with 31.5-Inch to 39.37-Inch Waist
  • Can be Used As Waist Beads, Bracelets, Anklets and Necklace
  • Bright Color Beads Add More Charm to Your Body Figure

What Is Not Good:

  • May Not Fit on Women with 39.5-Inch or Larger Waist
  • Women Claim that These Waist Beads Break Easily

#4. Tuoshei Belly Beads African Waist Beads

Tuoshei Belly Beads are a collection of 6 African waist beads in many different colors. It contains 3 single color belly beads and 3 multiple color belly beads. You can wear these African belly beads for good luck or as a fashion jewelry to look more attractive at beach, nightclubs, weddings and other occasions.

The Tuoshei Belly Chains contain premium glass beads with bright color to appear like a jewelry to grab everyone’s attention. The manufacturer provides 30-day warranty for any damage or other issue found in these waist beads. So, you can buy these belly beads with confidence and raise your queries if you have any issue after purchase.

The Tuoshei Body Beads a yellow beads set, a red beads set, a golden beads set and 3 multi-color beads sets. The total length of the waist beads is 80cm i.e. 31.5-inch. It is suitable for women with 60cm to 90cm waist size.

What Is Good:

  • Bright, Colorful and Quality Glass Seed Beads for Safe Use
  • Ideal for Women’s Waistline from 60cm to 90cm
  • Suitable to Wear on Bare Waist and Over the Clothes
  • 100% Handmade/Handcrafted Waist Beads for Women

What Is Not Good:

  • Users Claim that Beads/String Break After Some Uses

#5. TOBENY Waist Beads Summer Body Chain

TOBENY Waist Beads Summer Body Chain is a combo pack of 24 African waist beads for women. It contains high quality belly beads in yellow, red, white, blue, orange and many other colors. You can wear different color waist beads everyday to match with your outfits and create a unique impression at occasions.

The TOBENY Belly Chains are made with hands and not in a machine. Each set of waist beads is 80cm long and its elastic cord allows stretching up to 90cm. So, it can fit easily on any slim to average size woman but it may not fit on a plus size woman.

The TOBENY Body Beads have premium quality glass seed beads. These bright and colorful beads look great on your waist and help you grab your partner’s attention. The use of these waist beads is not limited to tie on waist only, you can make bracelets, anklets and necklace as per your choice.

What Is Good:

  • Lightweight Waist Beads, Comfortable to Wear All Day
  • Adjustable Design Allow to Fit on Women’s Waist from 60cm to 80cm
  • Bright and Colorful Beads Add More Beauty to Your Looks
  • Can be Used as a Necklace, Anklet and Bracelet
  • 100% Handmade Waist Beads with High Quality Beads

What Is Not Good:

  • Users Complain that These Waist Beads Break Easily
  • Some Women Have Tangling Issues

#6. Tuoshei Summer Jewelry African Waist Beads

Tuoshei Summer Jewelry African Waist Beads are good quality belly beads for women. It is a pack of 10 waist beads sets at an affordable price. Each set of waist beads has glass seed beads connected through a stretchy elastic thread.

The Tuoshei African Belly Beads are designed in multi-color beads as well as single color beads set such as yellow, red, black, white and golden. You can wear different color waist beads to match with your clothes to make yourself more beautiful.

The Tuoshei Belly Chains are made with an elastic thread which makes them easy to put on and off for you. You can wear them as traditional African waist beads or as a necklace or bracelet or anklet. So, you can create multiple jewelries with these waist beads.

What Is Good:

  • Handmade Waist Beads with Bright, Colorful Glass Beads
  • Elastic Thread Make Them Easy to Wear and Take Off
  • Premium Quality African Belly Beads at an Affordable Price
  • Can be Converted into Bracelets, Anklets and Necklaces

What Is Not Good:

  • Women Claim that Waist Beads Break During Adjustment

#7. Hicarer Waist Beads Jewelry

Hicarer Waist Beads Jewelry is a single waist chain for women to wear around their waistline. It comes in a combo pack of 20 sets of African waist beads in different colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, white, grey, red, black and many others.

The Hicarer African Belly Beads are made with durable and colorful glass seed beads with 75cm length i.e. 29.52-inch. The elastic cord allows you to wear the waist beads comfortably for hours and take them off easily when you go to bed.

The Hicarer Waist Beads are suitable to wear with your favorite bikini at beach parties. You can wear these waist beads everyday or occasionally with any outfit. You can also create a necklace, anklets and bracelets to add more charm on your appearance.

What Is Good:

  • 20 Sets of African Waist Beads at an Affordable Price
  • Glass Seed Beads with Elastic Cord Allow Comfortable Use
  • 75cm Length Make It Suitable for Most Women
  • Suitable to Wear at Beach Parties, Theme Parties and Weddings

What Is Not Good:

  • May Not Fit on Plus Size Women
  • Stretchy Cord, Not Suitable for Weight Control

#8. Sierra Sale African Waist Beads

Sierra Sale African Waist Beads are very unique and beautiful belly beads for women. These are the Original African Waist Beads handcrafted by highly skilled artisans using durable glass beads and a cotton thread that stay comfortable on your body and don’t break easily.

The Sierra Sale African Belly Beads come in 69 to 70 different colors and designs/patterns. You can choose these waist beads in empress, destiny, clear green, clear turquoise, coral mist, transparent, light blue, rainbow or any other color you like.

The Sierra Sale African Body Beads come with 50-inch length to fit perfectly on plus size women, average women and slim women. These best waist beads don’t stretch, so you can wear them for weight management purposes.

What Is Good:

  • Original Handmade African Waist Beads with High Quality Beads
  • Cotton Thread Doesn’t Stretch and Doesn’t Break Easily
  • Non-Stretchy Design Make It Suitable to Wear for Weight/Body Awareness
  • 50-Inch Long Waist Beads Fit Easily on Plus Size Women
  • 69 to 70 Color Options Give You So Many Choices

What Is Not Good:

  • More Expensive than Other Waist Beads in My Top 10 List
  • Some Women Complain about Color Fading Issue

#9. Sailimue Elastic Chain African Waist Beads

Sailimue Elastic Chain African Waist Beads are designed especially for women who want to wear unique belly beads. It is a pack of 3 sets of waist beads with 9 different style options from which you can choose your desired color combination to match with your bikini and other outfits.

The Sailimue African Waist Chains are made from high quality elastic thread and handcrafted with premium glass seed beads. Each set of waist beads is 80cm (31.5-inch) long and can be stretched up to 90cm (35.43-inch). You can also cut the string to tie the waist beads firmly if your waist is below 80cm.

The Sailimue Body Beads are suitable to wear under the clothes and over the clothes. You can also use these waist beads to make other jewelries like bracelets, anklets, necklaces and others. If you have any quality issues with these African waist beads, you can contact the manufacturer within 365 days of purchase.

What Is Good:

  • High Quality African Waist Beads with 9 Different Style Options
  • Handcrafted with Premium Glass Seed Beads and Elastic Thread
  • Bright, Colorful Beads Match Perfectly with Your Bikini and Other Outfits
  • Stretchable Design Fit Easily on Most Women’s Waist up to 90cm

What Is Not Good:

  • Users Claim that These Waist Beads Break After Several Uses

#10. Jadive Waist Beads Jewelry Belly Chain

Jadive Waist Beads Jewelry Belly Chain is a set of waist beads in Bohemia Body Jewelry Style. It comes with the pack of 7 waist beads made of colorful glass seed beads, shell turquoise and elastic cord. The attractive colors and design of these waist beads will add charm to your appearance.

The Jadive African Waist Beads contain 7 sets, so you can wear different waist beads on each day of the week. These waist beads are suitable to wear as body chains at birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding ceremonies and other occasions. You can also wear them for weight control and body awareness purposes.

The Jadive African Belly Beads are easy to wear and easy to take off. The waist beads are 80cm (31.5-inch) long and they are designed to fit on women with 31.5-inch to 37.5-inch waistline. The larger version of these waist beads can fit on women’s waist from 37-inch to 43-inch.

What Is Good:

  • Beautiful Shell Turquoise and Glass Seed Beads Enhance Your Beauty
  • 31.5-Inch Long Waist Beads Fit on Women’s Waist from 31.5-Inch to 37.5-Inch
  • Bohemia Body Jewelry Style Waist Beads Look Great on All Occasions
  • Can Wear Everyday and Also Give as a Birthday Gift to Your Best Friend

What Is Not Good:

  • Some Users Received Waist Beads in Broken Condition

Do Waist Beads Give You Shape?

Yes, waist beads do give you shape with their firm fitting around your waist. The waist beads hold your waist firmly to keep it slim with natural curves. The excess fat is pushed down which makes your hips look bigger and more beautiful.

The waist beads give you a beautiful shape and also help for body awareness. You can be aware about your body and weight when the waist beads are wrapped on your waist. If you gain weight, the waist beads will become tight to inform you about the weight gain.

How Do I Choose My Waist Beads?

You can choose your waist beads by considering some basic information and features of the waist beads available in market. Here I provide some key points that you must consider when buying African waist beads for yourself.

Bead Material:

The beads are usually made of glass or wood or plastic but the most suitable ones are glass beads. You should check the bead material carefully at the time of buying African belly beads for yourself.

Thread Material:

The manufacturer uses either cotton thread or elastic cord or nylon cord to make waist beads. If you want stretchable waist beads then choose elastic waist beads otherwise go with the cotton or nylon waist beads.

Your Waist Size:

You must measure your waist size to know which size waist beads will fit on you. Don’t rely on your cloth size, get a soft tape measure and measure your waist circumference to know the exact size of your waist.

Waist Beads Size:

You can know the required waist beads size on the basis of your waist size. If your waist is 32-inch then you can choose a set of waist beads with 80cm length. The 80cm long waist beads are suitable for women’s waist up to 90cm, so they will fit perfectly on your body.

Number of Sets:

The waist beads are available in a combo pack of 3 sets or 7 sets to 24 sets. You should check the number of sets per pack and buy according to your needs.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

You should choose the most comfortable and lightweight African waist beads that stay firmly around your waist. The low weight and comfy materials make the waist beads suitable to wear all day.

Stretchable or Not:

The waist beads made with elastic cord are stretchable, so you can do intense workout or physical activities without worrying about waist beads. The stretchable cord saves the waist beads from breaking when the wearer bends or moves her body.

Convertible or Not:

The waist beads should be convertible to necklaces, bracelets and anklets so that you can add more jewelries on your body. Most waist beads are convertible to let you show your creativity to make yourself more attractive at birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions.

After Sales Service:

Some manufacturers provide after sales service for 30 days, while others offer service up to 365 days. In that service, you can raise a query or complaint if you find any quality problem in your waist beads. In response to your query, the manufacturer will provide necessary service including refund or replacement of waist beads if required.

So, you should consider all the above points to choose high quality African waist beads for yourself and your friends or family members.

FAQs about African Waist Beads

All women love wearing waist beads as they are easy to tie and take off as well as available in so many colors and designs. Sometimes the waist beads don’t stay well on your waist and you don’t know why. Here I provide some common questions about waist beads and their answers to clear your doubts and fix the problems you face while using waist beads in routine life.

Q.1 What does wearing waist beads signify?

Wearing waist beads signifies that a girl has entered womanhood and/or she is available for marriage as per African culture. When a woman wears waist beads, it also signifies as femininity or fertility or maturity or spiritual well-being.

Q.2 How do I stop my waist beads from popping?

You can stop your waist beads from popping by adding an extended chain of beaded elastic to your waist beads.

Q.3 How long do waist beads last?

The waist beads last for several weeks or months depending upon how you use them. The stretchable waist beads can last longer than the non-stretchy waist beads because the stretchable ones allow movement without adding pressure on beads.

Q.4 Can you wear waist beads over your clothes?

Yes, you can wear waist beads over your clothes to show them as a fashion jewelry at parties, functions, weddings, baby showers and other occasions.

Final Advice:

The top 10 African Waist Beads suggested above are worth buying as per my research and experience. You can choose any set of waist beads depending upon your color preferences. In case you have more queries regarding waist beads then ask me in the comment section, I will be glad to answer your queries in short time.

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