does waist beads increase hips? – Complete Guide

Waist Beads allow women to express their womanhood by creating an attractive body shape. The purpose of waist beads is to make the wearer’s body shape appear better to seek attention. Many women wear waist beads to make their hips bigger but do waist beads increase hips? Yes, they do, it is the short answer and I will discuss it further.

Women wear waist beads for various purposes, one of them is that they shape their body. As the waist beads affect women’s body shape, they are a point of attraction for men. In addition, the waist beads provide health benefits, mental peace, prosperity and a happy sexual life with their partner.

Do Waist Beads Give You a Shape?

Yes, waist beads give you a shape by firmly holding your waist all the time. So, your waist become slimmer when the waist beads are on your body and your hips automatically look bigger with a slimmer waist. The waist beads also keep you aware about your body shape and posture.

You should wear the waist beads firmly around your waistline and make sure that they aren’t loose in any part. The waist beads can give you an attractive body shape when they are firm fit on your waistline. Furthermore, the waist beads are non-stretchable which help to keep your waist in shape even after you gain some weight.

Does Waist Beads Increase Hips?

does waist beads increase hips?

Yes, waist beads do increase hips by cutting down your waist size and staying firmly around your waist & stomach. The waist beads don’t increase hips with any magical trick but they push the waist from all sides to make it slimmer which make the hips look bigger.

Moreover, the waist beads string is strong and non-stretchable, so the waist beads don’t stretch when you gain weight around the waist. As a result, the waist beads push the excess weight down which makes your hips even bigger, rounded and more beautiful to grab your partner’s attention.

What are the Effects of Waist Beads?

The effects of waist beads include awareness of body shape, posture and weight to the wearer. When you have worn waist beads, you are aware about the waist beads and the purpose of wearing them.

The waist beads remind you to keep your body in an ideal shape by sitting with your back straight. They also remind you for not to gain much weight and not to lose much weight so that you can keep your body as beautiful as right now.

In case you have set a weight loss goal, the waist beads will remind you to do exercise daily and avoid food items that can increase your weight. As you lose some weight, the waist beads will become loose and you will know that you have lost some pounds of weight.

So, these are the basic effects of waist beads that every wearer experiences.

FAQs about Waist Beads and Their Effects

Here I provide some important questions about waist beads and their effects. You should go through all questions and answers to know how waist beads work on the wearer’s body shape, size and weight.

Q.1 What does it mean when a girl wears waist beads for first time?

When a girl wears waist beads for first time when she gets her first menstrual cycle. In African countries, mothers tie waist beads on their daughter’s waist when she enters womanhood.

Q.2 Do men love waist beads?

Yes, men love waist beads when they are wrapped around a woman’s waist. The waist beads on a woman’s waist grab a man’s attention and most men love playing with waist beads of their partner women.

Q.3 What’s the benefit of waist beads?

There are many benefits of wearing waist beads but the most amazing benefit of waist beads is that they immediately inform you when you gain weight or lose weight, even a little bit.

Q.4 Can I wear waist beads if I’m not an African?

Yes, you can wear waist beads if you are not an African. You don’t need to belong to a specific caste, community, race or country/continent to wear waist beads.

The Wrapping Up:

The waist beads are very effective and useful for women who are conscious about their body shape. The waist beads make your waist slimmer and increase hips to give you an attractive shape with natural curves. For more queries, you can ask your questions in comment section, I will be happy to answer them soon.

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