How Do Waist Beads Work for Weight Loss?

Waist Beads are useful for women seeking support for weight control. The African women wear waist beads for various purposes and they believe that waist beads work effectively to make their life better in all possible ways.

But do waist beads really work? If yes then how do waist beads work? To get answers of such questions, you need to read this post till end.

The waist beads are made of various beads arranged in a string with some stones and charms. Millions of women in Africa and America wear waist beads for weight loss and they have witnesses the change in their body weight. Here I am going to discuss the purpose of waist beads and how waist beads work for weight control and other things.

What is the Purpose of Wearing Waist Beads?

Every woman may have a different purpose of wearing waist beads but weight control or weight loss is a common purpose of wearing waist beads for most women. Both the African Waist Beads and Caribbean Waist Beads are useful/effective to wear for women who want to lose weight or control weight so that it doesn’t increase anymore.

How Do Waist Beads Work for Weight Loss?
How Do Waist Beads Work for Weight Loss?

Here I provide various purposes of wearing waist beads by women in African countries, western countries and other parts of the world.

  • Cultural Heritage and Pride
  • Naming Ceremony
  • Rite of Passage to Womanhood
  • Maturity
  • Intimacy and Sensuality
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Self Healing
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Weight Control and Weight Loss
  • Posture Awareness
  • Protection from Negativity and Bad Luck
  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Harmony, Insight and Truth

So, these are the purposes for which women prefer to wear waist beads in their routine life.

Do Waist Beads Help in Weight Loss?

Yes, waist beads do help in weight loss with their powerful energy filled in beads, stones and charms. The waist beads help you to stay aware about your waistline and body shape all the time. They also signal when you overeat as the waist beads become tight around your waist.

Many women wear waist beads for weight control and also for achieving their weight loss goals. The waist beads do work for weight control and many women have experienced the change in their weight after wearing waist beads for some days/weeks along with some changes in their diet.

How Do Waist Beads Work?

The waist beads wrap firmly around your waist and they start working from the moment you put them on. The waist beads contain colorful beads, stones/gemstones, charms, shells, crystals and other things.

According to African culture, the waist beads have supernatural/magical powers to provide healing, harmony, peace, passion, prosperity and protection against negativity/evil. Many women wear waist beads for weight control and it is strange to believe how waist beads work for weight control and weight loss.

Now, I am going to explain how waist beads work for weight control/loss to help you understand the functioning of waist beads when wrapped on your body.

  1. Stay Firmly Around the Waistline
  2. Keep You Aware of Your Body Shape and Weight
  3. Help to Control Your Temptation for Overeating
  4. Regulate Your Digestive System

Let me explain all 4 points in detail so that you can know the role of waist beads in your weight loss process or journey.

01. Stay Firmly Around the Waistline

The waist beads stay firmly around your waistline to remind you that you are on a weight loss journey. If you have put waist beads on for weight control then their firm control around your waist will remind you about it.

You can keep the waist beads on all the time. You don’t need to take them off, just keep them on 24 hours a day for all 7 days of a week. The waist beads around your waist give you a constant reminder of your purpose of wearing them i.e. weight control.

02. Keep You Aware of Your Body Shape and Weight

The string of waist beads is non-stretchable which makes them more effective. So, when you gain weight, your waist will expand but the waist beads won’t. As a result, the waist beads will become tighter and you will be aware about your increased weight and expanded body shape.

You should wear the waist beads at firm tight level so that they can always keep you aware about your body shape and weight. If you wear waist beads loose then they will either fall off or won’t affect you much when you gain weight.

If you gain so much weight then the waist beads may break, so you should keep your weight in control and try to lose it with exercise and other activities.

03. Help to Control Your Temptation for Overeating

It is obvious to have temptation to eat more when you see your favorite food on the dining table. The waist beads are holding your waist & stomach firmly to work as a constant reminder to prevent you from overeating and unwanted weight gain.

The waist beads are not stretchable, so you cannot overeat otherwise the waist beads will become tight as your stomach expands. The waist beads help you to have control over the temptation for overeating.

When you set a goal for weight loss, you should focus on two main things i.e. exercise and diet. So, you should do workout on daily basis and follow a low-fat diet plan. You should focus more on eating fruits, vegetables and whole food to avoid weight gain and lose weight faster.

04. Regulate Your Digestive System

The waist beads contain magical beads and stones that directly affect your body when they are around your waistline. The waist beads regulate your digestive system so that you can digest your food properly and it does not cause any fat accumulation.

When you eat healthy food and that too in limit, the chances of being fat or weight gain are little. The waist beads improve circulation around your waist and stomach to help you digest all food properly.

So, this is how waist beads work to help you control weight and encourage you to lose weight to get a more attractive body shape.

Benefits of Wearing Waist Beads in Routine Life

There are so many benefits of wearing waist beads in routine life, you need to wear them to enjoy all the benefits. Here I provide the benefits of waist beads to the wearer as follows.

  • Provide a constant reminder about your weight control/loss goal.
  • Instantly inform when you lose weight or gain weight, even a little bit.
  • Improve and regulate your digestive system to prevent fat accumulation.
  • Help you to control over temptation to eat more i.e. save you from overeating.
  • Provide peace, passion, harmony, insight, prosperity and wisdom.
  • Provide healing to let you deal with emotional pain and past wounds.
  • Protect you from negativity, evil energy and bad luck.
  • Improve your physical health and mental health.
  • Make your intimacy and sexual life better with your partner.
  • Increase fertility so that you can conceive soon and get pregnant.
  • Protect you (mother) and your baby in the womb during pregnancy period.
  • Provide spiritual guidance and help in your spiritual growth.

So, these are the benefits of waist beads that you can get when you wear waist beads in routine life.

Final Opinion: Are Waist Beads Worth Wearing?

At the end, I would suggest you to wear waist beads because they are worth buying for the benefits they offer. The waist beads appear like a simple accessory but they are very effective in many different ways to take your body, mind and life to the next level.

The waist beads do work to help you in weight loss and creating a balance in your life. In case you want to know more about waist beads and how they work then ask me in the comment box. I will be happy to answer your queries soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

The waist beads are suitable to wear for any woman who wants to wear it. Different women choose to wear waist beads to fulfill their different purposes. Here I provide some necessary questions about how waist beads work, who can wear it and other important things. You should read all FAQs and their answers carefully to clear your confusion and get ready to wear waist beads for weight loss or any other purpose.

Q.1 Can I wear waist beads if I am not an African?

Yes, you can wear waist beads even if you are not an African. You don’t need to be an African to wear waist beads around your waistline, any woman from anywhere in the world can wear waist beads.

Q.2 How tight should waist beads be?

The waist beads should be tight enough to stay firmly on your waist all the time. The waist beads should not be too loose to come down to your hips when you take off your pants.

Q.3 How long do waist beads stay on?

The waist beads can stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can keep waist beads stay on your body 24×7 without taking it off.

Q.4 Do you need to take waist beads off?

No, you don’t need to take waist beads off as you can wear it all the time. You can wear your waist beads for 24×7 and consider them as a part of yourself.

Q.5 Can you shower in waist beads?

Yes, you can shower in waist beads everyday. There is no need to take waist beads off when you go for bathing/taking a shower.

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