How Should My Waist Beads Fit?

Waist Beads are a body jewelry that women tie around their waist. Some women wear waist beads above the navel, some wear in-line with navel, while others wear below the navel & above the hips. Before you put on African waist beads, you should know how waist beads should fit on your body.

The African women wear waist beads to follow and have pride on their tradition. On the other hand, women in other countries wear waist beads either for weight management/control or for fashion purposes. Irrespective of your purpose, the waist beads should fit properly on your waist so that they don’t interrupt your work.

How Should Waist Beads Fit?

How Should Waist Beads Fit?

The waist beads should snug fit on your waistline so that they don’t roll up or down. The waist beads should fit firmly but you should not feel much tightness or numbness in the waist beads area. So, the fitting of waist beads should not cause any discomfort for you.

The waist beads should fit firmly on your waist otherwise they will keep rolling up or down with your clothes. The loose waist beads may easily entangle with your hair and cause hair damage. You will need to adjust your waist beads frequently if they are loose.

Why Should My Waist Beads Fit Firmly?

Your waist beads should fit firmly because they will roll up or down if you wear them loose. Many women wear multiple waist beads and loose waist beads may entangle with each other which can create a big problem for the wearer. If you can’t fix the entangled waist beads, they may break and the beads will fall off your waist.

Where Should I Wear My Waist Beads?

You should wear your waist beads on your waist where you feel comfortable with them.

The waist beads wearing location should be comfortable for the wearer. There is no rule for the wearing location of waist beads, so you can wear your waist beads above navel, below navel or on navel itself whichever you feel convenient and comfortable.

Do I Need to Wear Waist Beads Too Tightly for Weight Control?

No, you don’t need to wear waist beads too tightly for weight control. You just need to wear your waist beads firmly on your waist so that they stay there without rolling up/down. Thereafter the waist beads will feel tight if you gain weight and the waist beads will feel loose if you lose weight.

Wearing the waist beads tightly does not help for weight control/management or weight loss. The tightly tied waist beads cause pain, discomfort and numbness. So, you should wear waist beads snug fit to stay aware about your weight and body shape.

FAQs about How My Waist Beads Should Fit

The fitting of waist beads is very important for wearer’s comfort. Now, I am going to explain some important questions regarding how your waist beads should fit and what can happen if you don’t wear waist beads correctly. Kindly, go through all FAQs and their answers given below.

Q.1 Where should waist beads lie?

The waist beads should lie on the smallest curve of your torso i.e. your waistline. You can also wear your waist beads at the level of navel or above the hips.

Q.2 How low should waist beads sit?

The waist beads should sit as low as your navel level if you want to wear them on your waist. In case you wish to wear them on/above your hips then the waist beads should sit below the navel.

Q.3 How high should waist beads be?

The waist beads should be 1-inch above the navel if you want to wear them exactly on your waistline. Wearing waist beads on your waist keeps you aware about your body shape and helps in weight management.

Q.4 Are waist beads supposed to be seen?

No, waist beads are not supposed to be seen for women wearing waist beads as a part of tradition in Nigeria, Ghana or any other African country. If you are wearing waist beads as a jewelry then yes, the waist beads are supposed to be seen.

The bottom line:

The waist beads should fit firmly around your waist but you should not feel uncomfortable with them. The purpose of wearing waist beads is to keep you aware of your weight and body shape. That’s why you should wear your waist beads snug fit on your waist or hips. For more queries regarding waist beads fitting, ask me in the comment section, I will answer all your queries soon.

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