How to Tie Waist Beads Properly

The waist beads are easy to put on and off for all women. Some women wear waist beads on their waistline, some wear above hipline and others wear on their hipline/hips. Irrespective of your preference, you should know how to tie waist beads properly before you try to tie on your own.

The waist beads are made of a string, beads, stones, charms, crystals and clasp or other type of closure. Tying waist beads is too easy and quick, you can tie your waist beads in 1-2 minutes. To help you, I will explain the easiest way to tie waist beads that stay firmly on your waist yet remain comfortable.

How to Tie Waist Beads Properly

The African Waist Beads are a part of culture and therefore African Women wear them under clothes and keep the waist beads on 24×7 and never take off. On the other hand, Caribbean Waist Beads are a part of fashion, so women wear them over the clothes at various occasions and not regularly.

Simple Steps to Tie Waist Beads

Here I provide some simple steps for tying waist beads properly as under:

  1. Take waist beads, hold one end in right hand and the other end in left hand.
  2. Wrap the waist beads around your body.
  3. Choose where you want to tie waist beads i.e. on waist (above navel), above hips (below navel) and on hipline/hips.
  4. Keep the waist beads firm-fit and also leave a little room for proper breathing and sitting comfort.
  5. Make sure there is no space between any beads wrapped around your body.
  6. Tie 3 to 4 knots to secure the waist beads on your waist/belly.
  7. Cut the extra string and make sure the beads don’t will fall off from it.

If you have waist beads with buckle or clasp locking system, you can lock them for tying and unlock to take them off. The extra string and beads are useful to make a bracelet or an anklet for yourself.

Final Words:

The waist beads are very colorful and the women become more attractive by tying them. The African Waist Beads provide peace, health, prosperity, intuition, intimacy, fertility, protection, spiritual guidance plus growth and much more. The women in African countries wear waist beads to express their womanhood and culture.

For more queries regarding how to tie waist beads, you can ask me in the comment section. I will reply to your queries with appropriate answers shortly.

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