Waist Beads Color Meaning – Do Waist Beads Colors Have a Meaning?

Waist Beads are available in different colors and every color reflects some meaning. Millions of women wear waist beads either for tradition or fashion. I am going to explain waist beads color meaning to help you choose a perfect set of waist beads for yourself.

The women choose waist beads with one or more colors of beads and stones based on their needs and purpose of wearing waist beads. So, you should know the meaning of waist beads color to get the right waist beads that make your life better.

Do Waist Beads Colors Have a Meaning?

Waist Beads Color Meaning
Waist Beads Color Meaning

Yes, waist beads colors do have a meaning. Every color of beads has some meaning and that reflects in terms of benefits to the wearer. For example: Green color waist beads have a meaning to encourage fertility in women. So, the women wearing green waist beads will soon conceive and get pregnant.

Waist Beads Color Meaning

Every color of waist beads has a significant meaning that directly affects the wearer. Therefore it is important to know the meaning of all waist beads colors before you buy or make your own waist beads. Here I provide the waist beads color meaning as follows:

Waist Beads Color Color Meaning
Red Waist Beads Vitality, Passion, Confidence and Bravery
Green Waist Beads Hope, Healing, Abundance, Prosperity and Fertility
Gold Waist Beads Wealth and Luxury
Blue Waist Beads Healing, Harmony, Insight and Truth
Orange Waist Beads Happy, Energetic and Sociable
Purple Waist Beads Royalty, Wisdom and Spirituality
Pink Waist Beads Healing, Femininity and Friendship
Brown Waist Beads Earth and Stability
Silver/Grey Waist Beads Wisdom, Mediation and Communication
Yellow Waist Beads Energy, Awareness, Clarity, Wisdom and Joy
Black Waist Beads Marriage, Reproduction and Protection
Turquoise Waist Beads Self Awareness and Communication
White Waist Beads Purity, Light and Truth
Indigo Waist Beads Intuition, Self-Mastery and Spiritual Realization

FAQs about Waist Beads Color Meaning

The waist beads colors provide enhanced intimacy, fertility, stability, awareness, clarity, wisdom, prosperity and much more. Every color of waist beads offers different benefits as shown in above table. Now, I will discuss some important questions about waist beads color meaning so that you can understand how the color makes a difference.

Q.1 How do I choose my waist beads color?

You should check the above table to see the waist beads color meaning for different colors and then choose your waist beads color as per your needs.

Q.2 What color beads represent fertility?

Green color beads represent fertility, so you should wear green waist beads to conceive faster and get pregnant.

Q.3 Do waist beads help with healing and spirituality?

Yes, waist beads help with healing and spirituality, you should wear blue and purple or indigo color waist beads to get help for self-healing and spiritual-realization.

Last Advice:

The colors of waist beads play an important role in the wearer’s life. I hope that now you understand the waist beads color meaning and its significance. You should buy or make your waist beads with multiple color beads to get health, healing, energy, prosperity and spiritual growth from them.

You can wear multiple waist beads with different color beads so that each set of waist beads can work for a specific purpose. For more queries regarding waist beads color meaning and effectiveness, ask me in the comment section, I will be happy to answer your queries shortly.

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